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Bertus Gerssen

Who is there will stay there

I photographed the young inhabitants of Urk and this work is published as a book entitled¬†‘Wie er is die blift er al’ (Who is there will stay there). Urk is a small fishing village, a community where I grew up and that I, as an exception on the rule, did leave. The young people of Urk really like their hometown. Freedom, cleanliness and ‘don’t be so difficult!’ is the way to live. This is contrary to what people might think of small communities like Urk.
The book shows the daily life of the youngsters at different stages and places in their life. It is a representation of my vision of Urk, the place that I, quite some time ago, did leave.The book is designed in cooperation with Robert Muda (

Mrs. Woord, oldest inhabitant of Urk

Raffle, youth choir Immanuel

Reverend Veenstra, catechism

Young couple at the harbor

Girl, snackbar 'de Kombuis'

At the illegal bar 'de Oele'

Choir practice

tJeugd, youth centre

Man cutting fish

Fresh fish

Visitors of an illegal bar at the new industrial area

Young couple babysitting

De Skuil, christian youth centre

Fitting traditional clothes (Floor Vink)


Young boy, fishing

Snackbar 'De Kombuis'

The Bakker family

Pram at the beach