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Bertus Gerssen

Forbidden to dwell

Squatting prohibited

From the first of October 2010 squatting is prohibited, but squatters continue to squat. Sometimes out of practicality, oftentimes out of conviction. ‘You must have principles to live here’

My portrait series of squatters was published in one of Hollands leading newspapers the Volkskrant magazine  of 16-17 October. With interviews by Loes Reijmer.
Download the article here (in dutch only)

Tessa. Multipleks, Leiden.

Pim (21), Leiden.

Pandora (23), Leiden.

De Illusie, The Hague (1990-2010). The roof.

Laura (26), The Hague.

Emmy (22), Den Bosch

Ryanne (20) and Mies (7 months old), Den Bosch

Nadine and her parrot, Rotterdam

Rob, inventor of the Blippo Box, works at Villa Grijpsheert, The Hague

Carlinhos, percussionist, Rotterdam

What if it turns out okay? Den Bosch