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Bertus Gerssen

Countryside squatters

They dwell in wagons, old farmhouses, bunkers or an old outside swimming resort. Primitive, but self-sufficient: solar power, own water purification and growing their own vegetables. ‘If squatting really will be prohibited, we’ll be called criminals.’The photoreportage was made together with writer Judy Zweijtzer. It is published in the winter-edition of the magazine Vrij Nederland Nr 52/01 (27 Dec 2008-7 Jan 2009).

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Former outdoor swimming pool, Velp

Michael and King, Velp

Parking, Utrecht National Park

Alexia, Utrecht National Park

Interior, Utrecht National Park

Lourens and Garrelt, Teuge

Kitchen, Teuge

Outdoor kitchen, Teuge

Mies, Utrecht National Park

Kitchen window, Floodplains, Culemborg

Tractor, Floodplains, Culemborg

Jeanette, Floodplains, Culemborg

Jonas, Utrecht National Park

Interior, Utrecht National Park

Bo and Milena, playing, North-Groningen