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Bertus Gerssen

To celebrate 140 years of Gestetner (the mother of all stencil duplicators) an open call was made to send in works made with a (Gestetner) stencilmachine, Riso,  or other duplicator. In Situ was awarded runner-up: Gestetner 140 jaar. The price was a copy of the most excellent and comprehensive book Risomania a project by Vetro Editions, Berlin. Thank you!

On the 28th of June my photo was highlighted in the Big Duth Art calendar by publisher Trichis. It is an image from my book ‘In Situ’ of which there are but a few left on my website. Self-published, self printed with my Risograph stencil duplicator. Edition 300. Nominated for Best Dutch Book Design 2017 by the student jury

Friday 15th of March is the opening of Anesthesie, a dual group exhibition shown at Peer in Gallery and De Grafische Werkplaats

Peer In and De Grafische Werkplaats offered nine photographers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the graphic techniques. During a few weeks they developed new work from their own practice, equipped with the various possibilities of De Grafische Werkplaats.

“The most common strategy to handle the continuous torrent of images is anesthesia – in the literal sense that sensory stimuli no longer penetrates the consciousness” – Mark Greif.

Opening during Hoogtij #56; time: 19:00-23:00
Locations Peer in: Elandstraat 200, Grafische werkplaats Prinsegracht 16

For Hok Gallery I made a portrait of bass player Jah Wobble. In the 70’s and 80s he played with PiL, and later on with other great artists such as Björk and Brian Eno, just to name a few. Jah Wobble, a.k.a. John Wardle will show his artwork for the first time ever. It will be on display from the 26’th of November 2018 till the 5th of January 2019 at Hok Gallery, home of contemporary underground.

In Situ was selected for The Best Dutch Book Designs 2017 by the Student Jury.

I feel honoured that In Situ was chosen by the Jury. From 28th of September In Situ will be part of an ongoing presentation at Stedelijk museum, Amsterdam.

31 books are selected by a panel of students of art academies. They have seen and discussed a total of 342 entries, just as the professional jury has done.
At the end of September a catalogue will be published in a small print run. The design of the catalogue is done by one of the student panel members, Ruby van Vucht. This summer she graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy.

The panel consisted of:
Birgit Vredenburg (Hogeschool Utrecht), Patrick Sanders (ArtEZ Arnhem), Auke Lansink (KABK Den Haag), Ruby van Vucht (Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam) en Malkin Gewinner (Werkplaats Typografie Arnhem).

Thursday 24th of May Underdog philosopher Mr Pelham from The Hague will interview photographer Bertus Gerssen about ‘In Situ’ his most recent photoproject. The talk will be about Bertus’ philisophical opinions and his motivations for making this book. They will also talk about creative and technical decisions he made for this project. Of course there will be time to ask questions and to see the exhibition .

You are cordiallly invited at Peer in:

Thursday 24th May 2018 at 19:00

Elandstraat 200
2513 GX Den Haag